29 Feb 2016

Co-branding: What are the interests for brands?

    Brands are evolving in a more and more competitive environment in which it has become difficult to differentiate oneself and offer more value than competitors’ products. For this reason, co-branding is a practice that has become more and more used by brands looking for more visibility and to find new competitive advantages. Co-branding usually consists of an association of two brands but can also be about cooperation between brands and famous designers (see

15 Jan 2016

The importance of packaging in the wine and spirits industry

Establishing a competitive advantage with design.     In the same way as in the luxury industry, the visual impact plays an important role in the wine and spirits industry. An attractive look can establish a competitive advantage on a specific sector but will also attract new clients who are sensitive to aesthetics.   Indeed, the label can make purchase intention evolve in a considerable way; the results of a study by the Barat Group

Key Visual miel Déus11 Mar 2015

Cheeeeese honours the gastronomy

Déus and Origine Gourmet, for the most demanding gastronomists   Cheeeeese loves gastronomy and has worked on two exciting projects of brand creation for exclusive gourmet brands: Déus et Origine Gourmet.   Every Project starts with a concept, yes, but also with a profound passion. Déus is a passioned Project whose ambition was to create a purely Parisian honey of the most exclusive quality.   With four golden medals and exclusive points of sale in

Vasque Ruinart25 Feb 2015

Cheeeeese loves Champagne

Since 10 years, Cheeeeese works along with the greatest Maisons of Champagne.       Champagne is one of the predominant luxury products of the French heritage, at the same level as castles, gastronomy or wines. As a prestige icon, Champagne represents culture, luxury, celebration and joy of life. Since 10 years, Cheeeeese works along with the greatest Maisons of Champagne.   From the identity of the bottle to the creation of special ephemeral event

15 Feb 2015

Gamme de vins Obrist

Cheeeeese crée la nouvelle gamme des « pots » Obrist.          Artisan du vin depuis 1854, propriétaire de 55 hectares de vignobles s’étendant des terrasses de Lavaux (lieu d’exception classé au patrimoine de l’Unesco) en passant par le Chablais, Obrist est l’un des producteurs et négociants les plus importants en Suisse.   Cette maison de renom a chargé l'agence de branding et design cheeeeese de rénover la gamme complète de « pots » Obrist, une de

6 Feb 2015

Brandbook and brand platform

The definition of a brand platform represents an essential stage to build a coherent and effective communication strategy. On the one hand, the visual identity defines the components of a brand’s identity and the rules that are applied to it; on the other hand, the brand platform expresses its culture.Visual identity and brand platform can be combined in a reference document called brandbook. The platform is composed with 3 fundamental elements: Mission: the reason for

4 Feb 2015

Wine Product Line for Obrist

Cheeeeese creates the new product line “pots” Obrist for the wine producer.       Wine artisan since 1854, owner of 55 hectares of vineyards extended from the Lavaux terraces (a unique place listed as UNESCO world heritage) to Chablais, Obrist is one of the most important wine producers and distributors in Switzerland.   The renowned wine house asked Cheeeeese branding & design agency to design the complete “pots” product category, one of its most

Key visual Gallo Azeite Novo30 Jan 2015

Packaging Gallo Azeite Novo 2014/2015

Cheeeeese (Paris) creates the 2014/2015 edition of the New Oil (Azeite Novo) for Gallo   Gallo is a Portuguese oil brand very famous in southern Europe and South America. The brand is ranked third best olive oils in the world, and offers a range of olive oils, from the most common to the most premium, but also an extensive range of olives and vinegars.   The Azeite Novo (New Oil), is the most premium variety

15 Jan 2015

Digital Sell-in Havaianas Platform

Cheeeeese Madrid revolutionizes the way to sell for Havaianas Europe by developing a business management tool for sales teams: the Havaianas Sell-in Tool.     Following the significant expansion of its points of sale in Europe, Havaianas needed to strengthen ties with its sales force on a European level. The marketing department decided not only to equip its sales channel with an advanced business management and marketing tool that will maximize the potential of leads

Argumentaires de vente interactifs30 Dec 2014

L’Oréal Produtos Profissionais

Exclusively for salon professionals, the magazine "L'Oréal Produtos Profissionais" is a L'Oréal flagship publication in Brazil     In order to modernize L’Oréal’s communication support, Cheeeese Sao Paulo developed its digitalization. Now available on iPad, the magazine offers rich contents (interactive menu, videos, links, pages with scroll). The agency ensured the creation and development of the tool.   For several years, cheeeeese has developed expertise in creating and developing interactive argumentaries of sales, mainly to