Passionate about architecture and design, François-Xavier and Jacques Dussol have settled down in Rio de Janeiro to develop high-end hospitality projects.

Within a few years, the two brothers have opened two exceptional guests houses: La Suite and La Maison. On the wake of this success, they renovated an ancient fazenda in glamourous hotel: La Santa Cruz. Their new challenge, transform an old haussmannian style whorehouse in a magnificient five-star hotel : Le Paris.

Cheeeeese created a new identity for group Dussol, conceived to be declined on existing hotels and future places developments. This identity expresses the brothers Dussol’s both passions: Architecture, symbolized by pictograms and inspired by Blue Prints, and Design represented by noble materials. Used in the logos and documents, the materials evoke the personality of each place : the shagreen for La Suite and its ocean view, the ostrich leather for La Maison and its exotic garden, the crocodile for Le Paris and its nefarious past, and the royal peacock feather for fazenda Santa Marta’s aviary.

Cheeeeese developped very broad graphic guidelines for the brand, along with its communication strategy, press key visual and website.


Visual identity – Graphic guidelines– Communication – Website