Cheeeeese (Paris) creates the 2014/2015 edition of the New Oil (Azeite Novo) for Gallo


Gallo is a Portuguese oil brand very famous in southern Europe and South America.

The brand is ranked third best olive oils in the world, and offers a range of olive oils, from the most common to the most premium, but also an extensive range of olives and vinegars.


The Azeite Novo (New Oil), is the most premium variety of the brand resulting from the first olive crop of the year, providing an amazing flavor, with bitter notes, fresh herbs and spices.


Traditionally in Portugal, producers of olive oil used to enjoy this first oil pressure by simply dipping a piece of hot bread to taste it. The flavor of the new oil presaged the quality of the vintage.

Nowadays, Gallo invites the public to rediscover that tasting mode, called “Ritual da Tiborna”. The brand offers a tasting cup with each one of its Novo Azeite in order to initiate customers to that Portuguese tradition.


Since 1993, this exceptional oil is sold in limited edition each year. For the 2014-2015 vintage, Cheeeeese used Portuguese tiles as inspiration for its design. Packaging and key visuals were created by revisiting this essential element of Portuguese heritage.

The texture and design of the bottle evoke ceramics and the traditional patterns of tiles. The agency even created an exclusive azulejo, visible at the back of the box.

Thus, the succession of bottles packaging recreates a frieze, as we can see on the pavements of Lisbon’s streets and houses.

The result is a design that is both modern and anchored with traditions, which is an ideal setting for this exceptional oil. 

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