Cheeeeese creates the new product line “pots” Obrist for the wine producer.





Wine artisan since 1854, owner of 55 hectares of vineyards extended from the Lavaux terraces (a unique place listed as UNESCO world heritage) to Chablais, Obrist is one of the most important wine producers and distributors in Switzerland.


The renowned wine house asked Cheeeeese branding & design agency to design the complete “pots” product category, one of its most iconic, for the restaurant channel.


Obrist’s wines are already recognized and appreciated by connoisseurs and professionals. Through this renovation, the Swiss “Maison” aims to reach a younger generation of clients, including chefs, who will honour and prescribe this special range of products.


With more than 25 references including Swiss, Italian or French wines, the product line is recognizable to the shape of its bottles, which now have a unified design and image, that reflect the quality and diversity of the brand.


For this project, cheeeeese agency was inspired by the “vintage” theme, emphasizing the history, the heritage, the terroir and the authenticity of each product, via simple and identifiable illustrations in order to make the product line visible and distinguishable.


The rounded cut-off of the label perfectly merges with the convex curves of the bottles.


The original arrangement of texts and illustrations on the labels matches the image of authenticity while providing an informative dimension towards terroirs and appellations.